When Is The Condo Association Responsible for Water Damage and Mold?

Florida condominium unit owners often grapple with water and mold damage issues, placing them at odds with condo associations. Understand the responsibilities laid out in Florida's condominium laws, the distinction between common elements and unit owners' duties, and the complexities surrounding damages caused by neighboring units or association neglect. Know your rights, the intricacies of Florida Statute 718.111(11)(f), and the importance of condo insurance.

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Can a Tenant Break a Lease Because of Mold?

We frequently receive calls from tenants asking, "how can I break my lease because of mold"?  A tenant residing in Florida has certain legal rights when the landlord fails to maintain the premises.  Due to the warm and humid climate in South Florida, it is common for tenants to have roof leaks, air conditioning leaks and pipe bursts all of which introduces water into the property.  Once water breaches the inside of the property and it is not immediately dried out and left untreated, it can result in the growth of toxic black mold.  Mold can typically be visible as discoloration on the walls and ceilings inside the premises.  Tenants often tell us that they verbally inform the landlord [...]

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