On April 11, 2022, The Mold Lawyers obtained a jury verdict in Broward County Circuit Court, which determined that the Countryside Condominium Association in Davie, and its Management Company, Elite Management Associates located in Cooper City, was liable for the damages caused to our client for the failure to maintain a watertight roof over the G Building in the complex for a period of almost 5 years.  The four day trial concluded with a jury verdict that Countryside Condominium Association was liable on all counts, including Breach of Contract, Negligence and violations of the Florida Condominium Act (Chapter 718.113, Fla. Stat.).  The case was tried by Matthew Militzok and Adi Reinstein on behalf of the affected unit owner.

The amount of damages to be awarded to the unit owner will be determined by the Court at a later date.  The Condominium Association and the Management Company attempted to skirt liability by redirecting all the blame for a defective roof that was installed by its roofing contractor who installed a foam roof over building G in 2017.  It was alleged that the defective roof continued to allow water to intrude into the condominium building and into our client’s unit causing interior water damage and mold.  The Association and its Management Company did not take reasonable steps to mitigate, remediate and re-build the damaged common elements.  It was also alleged that the Association and the Management Company failed to timely exterminate a severe rodent problem in the Association building.

It was further alleged that Elite Management Associates failed to properly advise Countryside and take reasonable steps to protect the condominium building after it was known that the roof was not watertight despite actual knowledge of the condition by all parties.  By entering a verdict against Elite Management, the jury determined the act of simply forwarding complaints received from the residents of the community to the Association’s Board of Directors, and nothing more, was an insufficient response by a Licensed Community Association Manager.